Get Whatsapp 2020 For Free | Download Whatsapp 2020 Version With Ease

Get Whatsapp 2020 For Free | Download Whatsapp 2020 Version With Ease

Since the inception of WhatsApp, we have witness WhatsApp update from one version to a higher one. This time, we bring you WhatsApp 2020 latest version and how you can download it. Read through to learn how to download your favorite WhatsApp 2020 latest version.

For Android users, all you need is your Google play store and iTunes for iOS users. The new WhatsApp comes with lots of mind-blowing features. It helped fix bugs and improved the way WhatsApp functions in our everyday use.

Download The Latest WhatsApp 2020 for Android

To download WhatsApp, click Here. This will help download, install and get your WhatsApp status 2020 running again.

Whatsapp Status for 2020

Not minder your platform or OS, Whatsapp status is available for all, both android, windows and iPhones users. These new features help WhatsApp users to make conversation totally free across platforms. Be it calls or texting once you have your data running.

It helps to eliminate the cost of making calls and texting. Most telecom providers charge too high mostly when it comes to international calls. If you have any friend that you call or chat with regularly, then, ask the person to download WhatsApp version 2020.

Whatsapp now leads in free video calls compare to wechat, Line, skype and more.

Device Eligibility

For your device to be able to run the latest WhatsApp version 2018, it must be running on Android OS 3.0 and above.

Whatsapp 2020 Features

This latest version comes with lots of great features. The features in WhatsApp 2020 includes;

  • New year Status
  • Love Status
  • Crazy Status
  • Sweet Status
  • Crazy Status
  • Break up Status
  • Romantic Status
  • Sad Status
  • Fb Status
  • Friend Status
  • Engagement Status
  • Birth Status
  • Naughty Status
  • Anniversary Status
  • Christmas Status
  • Dirty Status
  • Diwali Status
  • Eid Status
  • Emotional Status
  • Exam Status
  • 14th August and 26 the January Status
  • Condolence Status
  • Jokes
  • Pregnancy Status
  • Status Quotes
  • Fathers Day Status
  • Pregnancy Status
  • Music Status
  • Funny Status
  • Good Morning Status
  • Holi Status
  • Islam Status
  • Kids Status
  • Kiss Status
  • Miss You Status
  • Mother Day Status
  • Rude Status
  • Valentines Status
  • Crush Status
  • Cute Status
  • Cool SMS
  • Daring Status
  • Decent Status
  • Dirty Status
  • Emotional Status
  • Engagement Status
  • Exam Status
  • Flirt Status
  • Girls & Boys Status
  • Good Luck Status
  • Good morning Status
  • Insult Status
  • Kiss Status
  • Life Status
  • Love Status
  • Missing You Status
  • Hindi Love Status,
  • Friendship status for WhatsApp,
  • Funny Whatsapp Status,
  • Sad status in Hindi,
  • Romantic WhatsApp Status,
  • Inspiring status in Hindi,
  • Good Morning status,
  • Good Night Status,
  • Attitude status in Hindi,
  • Status for WhatsApp groups,
  • Birthday Status,
  • Break up Status Hindi,
  • Festivals greeting status,
  • Love Message Masala,
  • Love SMS Status,
  • Propose Day SMS 2020
  • Chocolate Day SMS 2020
  • Teddy Day SMS 2020
  • Promise Day SMS 2020
  • Valentine’s Day SMS 2020
  • Hug Day SMS 2020
  • Kiss Day SMS 2020
  • Double Meaning Jokes
  • Funny Jokes
  • Motivational Status
  • Naughty Status
  • Nice Status
  • Relationships Status
  • Romantic Status
  • Rude Status
  • Sad Status
  • Valentine Status
  • New Year Status
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This new version of WhatsApp will help you upload status text-based, with a background of certain colors . WhatsApp is an app that allows users send free short text messages to your friend and family members’ numbers that are already in your sim card for free. It is your best chatting platform with a wide range of global usage. is the official web page to Download WhatsApp Latest Version, With this Whatsapp Latest Version, users can chat up friends and client thereby making life fulfilling.

You can choose to click here to download Whatsapp messenger was originally for iPhone users but knows is available for almost all OS ranging from iOS, WhatsApp for Android, WhatsApp for Symbian, WhatsApp for Windows phone and more. So, this time around, WhatsApp now has a wider remains the best cross-platform app on the internet that gives users unlimited access to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages to anybody anywhere in the world for free.

So not minding the model of phone you are using, WhatsApp is here to serve you. Get WhatsApp for iPhone, WhatsApp for Windows Phone, WhatsApp for Android phones, WhatsApp for Blackberry, WhatsApp for Nokia S40, WhatsApp for Nokia Symbian and even WhatsApp on PC/laptop.

Www.Whatsapp.Com | Whatsapp Free Download WhatsApp Latest Version

No wonder reached 800 million active users worldwide, marking WhatsApp second largest popular messaging app after Wechat.

Though WhatsApp – Facebook now has a likely integration, WhatsApp Messenger on the App Store is still readily available. is so much more economical compared to the traditional way of sending SMS.

The very first time I used WhatsApp, I loved it so much because of the user-friendly nature and the ease at which I was able to connect with friends both far and near. I was able to share smiley, Images, videos and even voice messages for free.

so with this app users can

  • Send messages free, Share Videos and pictures
  • Send Music to friends
  • Share contacts and even location data
  • Send Voice notes
  • Make free calls with the messenger app.

Whatsapp Messanger Allow You Draw on Photos same way as Snapchat

Whatsapp Messanger has announced they are rolling out a new feature that will users draw on photos same way we do with Snapchat. This will definitely change the way we share images on this social media network.  Yes! You can now spruce up photos same way we do on Snapchat.

www.whatsapp Download is so much more economical compared to the traditional way of sending SMS.

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For example, if I send international SMS to my friends outside the US, it cost me around 50 cents whereas if I send them through WhatsApp using wifi or my mobile data subscription, is will cost me nothing. is so dynamic in the operation.

I have over the years been a big fan of Yahoo messenger and MSN chat platform. But my major concern about them is that sometimes, I will readily want to chat up a friend or friends only to find out that the person is offline. In this work, I will explain how WhatsApp function and how to complete your Whatsapp free download.

click the following links to download




Windows Phone


Nokia S40

Mac or Windows PC

Whatsapp Free Download @ Www.Whatsapp.Com, Download APP Store Free

Firstly, you will need to download Whatsapp application to your devices.

As stated before, Whatsapp free download is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS. Others are BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, Nokia Series 40, Symbian Tizen. You can download WhatsApp for free if your mobile devices are running on any of the above OS.

Simply go to the mobile market for OS or Download APP Store Free, on the search box of your App store type in WhatsApp, then click search.

Like in the case of Android Market APP Download, Whatsapp icon will top the list of your search.  Click install by the side of the icon for you to Free Downloads Apps, and allow the installation process to complete.

Once the installation is complete, the application will automatically start up with a pale green screen, click on accept terms and conditions, enter your mobile number for confirmation and verification, click continue, enter your name and that will be all.

How Works

Next, you will see chat (list of people you have been chatting with), Favorite (your mobile contact list that is using WhatsApp service).  Then Contacts (which is your general contact list). does not take you through the hurdles of adding and accepting friends or having a strange friend on your friend’s list. In, all the friends in your WhatsApp app are your friends. I mean those on your phone contact list before now.

More to Come on Whatsapp app

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