Whatsapp Messages, Videos And Photo Backup Using Google Drive

Have you ever been pissed after losing a very important file; text massages, photos, video or voice messages, mp3 and more just because something went wrong with your device memory or say a sudden update of whatsapp app? This will soon be a thing of the past as whatsapp.com plans to roll out cloud backup of your whatsapp files using Google Drive.

Whatsapp New Back  Using Google Drive

In the words of whatsapp CO-founder Brain Acton, “Google Drive was an easy choice. It offers the native android experience we want for our sender’s and the scale to grow with use”.

This were the words that marks the intentions of whatsapp to partner with Google Drive in fixing its long time lapses of backing up files for its users. Now Google Drive has rolled out a backup option which will be implemented in whatsapp.

With this, users can backup most of their contents even though it will take off only for those devices that run on Android and will be made available in the next couple of months. When fully implemented, this will help users appreciate whatsapp better. The good part of this is that each time you carry out a backup;

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