If you are familiar with facebook then you can be able to create a facebook fan page by accessing the area with facebook.

Am going to show you the different way you can access your facebook page creation.

  1. Now to do this, you need to visit an existing facebook fan pages, after that now scroll down near the bottom of the left column and you’ll find a link create a page for my business. Click the link to get started.

There are other ways which you can access your setup for facebook fan page.

  1. Select help center under your account after doing that the you click page for business and there will under facebook application and features or Ads and business solution.
  2. The next thing is to click on creating and administering your page after that click on how can I create a page? You will see where you can start creating the page.

Note that the page will split, but don’t worry about that because on you left you will official page, but this will happen once you start accessing you page.

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Do not click on the right side because that will direct you to community page creating the lift side is use for creating facebook fan page.

Well creating another facebook fan page will be much easier for you as you have the Ads and page link under your facebook fan page you’ve created.

  1. Creating facebook fan page (category option) you will need to select the category that fits you and note: once you made this option or selection you cannot change it so choose carefully.

But this will happen once you’ve accessed your facebook fan page. These are some options you are going to see.

  • Local business
  • Brand, product, or organization
  • Artist, band, or public figure.

You will be provided with a drop-down list once make your selection and that list will guide you to the next selection you are going to make. E.g. if you choose brand, product or organization you’ll need to make your selection from the list.

And if you are not sure about that list to find the best that fits you click on next button

  1. If you choose the local business, artist, brand etc….. You’ll be presented with a list of selection where you can choose. If you select local business, the list selections are the type of business and note: that not all type of business is represented.
  2. Your facebook fan page must have an official name it could be a name of your business or organization.
  3. Check the box that you are the owner of the official page after you’ve named it.
  4. Click the “review” the facebook terms link.
  5. Click create official page after completing the steps, you’ll be able to provide your followers additional information about your business.
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Customized You Facebook Fan Page:

  • Mari smith-http://facebook.com/Marismith– this is one example of how facebook fan page can be full customized.
  • Social media examiner-http://facebook.com/smexaminer– a great example of how facebook fan page can be customized to the hit.

Customized URLs for facebook fan page:

You need 25 followers (fans), you can change the URL. But note: that your URL that your old facebook fan page you created will automatically be redirected to your custom URL.

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