Yahoo Mail app for mobile/ windows and what you need to know

Yahoo Mail app for mobile/ windows and what you need to knowYahoo Mail app has now been rebuild to serve you better both in efficiency and speed.

If you have used yahoo mail recently, you will notice that it is safer and smarter how it has been over the year.

For those that are not aware of what they stand to get, the following five reasons will prove to you that this app has come to stay.

yahoo mail pc app and yahoo mail mobile app has moved ahead of its competitors in the webmail service. Gmail inbox is another river, but yahoo mail app has proven with stronger.

A single contacts book 
Yahoo mail now has an improved contact management system built to manage all your contacts across the board. It is done in such a that  Yahoo Mail can identify if one of your contacts has multiple email addresses(If you are having multiple emails in a single account).

What yahoo mail does is that it displays a single contact card which by default can update contact information based on your latest emails with that person.

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Manage multiple mailboxes 
I f you are my kind of person that has multiple emails account from different webmail service providers (Yahoomail, Gmail, Hotmail, GMX and more), you will quite agree with me that checking those may is always a heck.

But yahoo mail app is making those things a thing of the past. You can now connect multiple emails to your yahoo mail app and get a notification for all each time you get a new email message. What I love most about it is the way it creates separate labels (from people, social, travel) of the various email services connected to it.

To share emails contacts between accounts now is made easy.

Smart search  Using Yahoo Mail app

Yahoo mail now has a way of recording and keeping your data. From flight details and birthdays to unfinished documents and years-old pictures, much of your life is probably recorded in your inbox. That’s good news.

But over time getting this information becomes an issue before now. The newly improved app now made the new smart search feature unique that it gets you this information once you type in what you want (like contacts, keywords, and files).
Better security 
in case you are afraid that your password might be mal-handle, the new yahoo mail app comes with advance security for your password and files. The new Yahoo Account Key uses push notifications to let you login safely and securely without ever having to remember a password again. Yes! That’s is the reason you must get along with yahoo both on their Yahoo messenger.

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More speed 
another important factor that makes this app stand out is its speed. With your busy schedules, you will never have to wait to get mail done.

That’s why the new Yahoo Mail app has been built with speed in mind. It’s completely redesigned to work faster, making it easy to do the things you want to do. This app is just so wonderful that I have to comment yahoo team for this masterpiece they have put up.

You can choose to download this app by clicking Download.