Forget Gmail Password | Gmail Password Recovery | Change Password

Forget Gmail Password | Gmail Password Recovery | Change Password

This article will focus more on how to change Gmail password. In case you forgot the Gmail password, we will give you a clue to recover it with ease if you have some basic data as may be required of you.

Users of Gmail email account time to time could go for Gmail password reset or Gmail password change if you still have access to your Password.

The frequent issues we encounter from day to day is that those with difficult Gmail Password or that rarely access their mail usually forget Gmail password.

This article will explain to you the two best methods to recover the Gmail password.

For those that can still access their phones or setup up questions and answer, password recovery might not be much of a hurdle.

Step 1 | Forget Gmail Password

  1. Login to Gmail service Login, when you’re there click on the ‘Need help’ button.
  2. On clicking it, you will be redirected to the Gmail recovery page. Choose the first link that read ‘I don’t know my Password’ by hitting the button on its left.
  3. Space will be provided for your email, simply key in your email name and hit the continue button.
  4. This will redirect you to a page to enter your password that you know about your account. If you think you are not sure, click on the ‘I don’t Know’ option to recover Password by phone.
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Step 2

 How To Recover Gmail Password By Phone Or Backup Option | Gmail Password Recovery

It is possible to recover your email password using a phone number option or backup option (alternate email address). Yes! To get this done;

  1. Select the ‘I can access my phone or backup option’ option on your screen.
  2. What this means is that Google will choose to verify your identity using your phone number entered formerly when signing up or phone number. A special verification code will be sent to which Google will want you to key into the present email to verify ownership. Those that opt for a phone number option can either choose the option of a text message or an automated call for the code. Simply click continue to get these options on.
  3. With either of the options used, collect the code and key it in. Click continues.
  4. This will present users with a new page for them to enter a new password. Enter the new password twice to change your email password. This will change the password for you.
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Congratulations as you can now access your emails again.

I Cannot Access My Phone Or Backup Option | Forget Gmail Password

Note that if you don’t have your phone backup option, it might take up to 5 business days to complete your Gmail Account Recovery.

In case it is you don’t have access to phone recovery or backup, you will need to wait for 5 working days. If you did not get the needed information, I will advise you to contact Gmail Help Forum here.