Airmore Download: Complete Your File Transfer with Airmore app

Airmore Download: Complete Your File Transfer with Airmore app

Transfering files from PC to your mobile or the reverse case could be difficult most time. The manual transfer could sometimes lead to file lost or adverse effect at the tail end; this is the sole reason for airMore.

AirMore application was built to suit the easy connection between your PC and Mobile when it comes to digital file transfer. With this simple app, users can transfer digital files from PC to mobile or mobile to PC in wireless form through this app.

More Features Of Airmore

It gives users easy and secure file streaming compared to the manual format that could end up with issues sometimes.

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Transferring digital files to PC have never been this good, not until airmore came into the game.

The good part of the app is that it supports a wide range of file format like PDF, EPUB, TXT, DOC, PPT, XLS and more.

Users can choose to create new folders with this app. This creation of folders could actually help in organizing your shared files and making the file organization simpler.

Easy Interface

It comes with an easy to use interface. The interface is built for both tech junks and alike. It comes simple inscriptions that can serve as a guide. On the interface users will see simple inscriptions like Flashlight, Apps, Scanner, Hotspot, Tethering, Disconnect, and files.

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Download Airmore for Your PC.

To get this app running on your Pc, users will first of all download and install it.

To download and install, click here and from there complete your installation process.

The app as stated before is easy to use app. It is simple for all. Download and use. If you have any comment or contribution, please keep a comment in our comment box.

Thanks for your time.