Airmore For Ios: Download Airmore Now For Wireless File Sharing

Airmore For Ios: Download Airmore Now For Wireless File Sharing

Airmore for iOS is your best solution to file transfer. It comes handy when you choose to connect your mobile device to your laptop or desktop computer. This app allows wireless transfer of file by connecting your PC and Mobile with ease.

Most of the times, we often lose files and time in the process of transferring files through the traditional manual mode. But with Airmore for iOS, users can now transfer files with ease wirelessly instead of the default manual means of file transfer.

More Features of Airmore for iOS

Airmore comes with support for a wide range of file formats ranging from TXT, Doc, XLS, PPT, EPUD, PDF and more. It can also be used for mass file streaming.

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One of the feature i so love about this app is the ability to create new folders using this app. The folder creation helps in file organization and makes the process simpler to go about.

File transfer has never been this easy and wonderful. This app spares users of the stress of manual file transfer and the effects that comes along side. The app is a simple one and rated high for your everyday use.

Easy interface

The interface can be used by all not minding your proficiency with the gadget. It is simple to navigate and go by. The front view brings the option of Photo, Album, Video, for media. Users will see other features like tethering, hotspot, files and more.

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Download Airmore For Ios: How To Download Airmore

This app is available for free download. To have this app running on your device, simply click here to download. Install and start using.

Note: For the new and old user, remember to drop your comments in our comment box if you are having a question.

If you have any reservation or further question as regard this app, I will advise you drop a comment with us in our comment box.

This app will certainly help users to transfer digital files wireless without strain or stress and avoid file loss from the manual transfer.