Bluetooth File sender: Send Digital Files using Bluetooth File sender

Bluetooth File sender: Send Digital Files using Bluetooth File sender

Bluetooth File sender remains the leading wireless tool for transferring digital files from one device to the other (PC to a mobile phone).

Are you looking toward establishing connection between your PC and your mobile phone? Then this program is your best bet.

Features of Bluetooth File sender

This software is a perfect connection between PC and Mobile not minding the condition. The good thing about this app is that it also allows distant connection between two computers, but both computers must have same program installed in them.

More Details About Bluetooth File sender

The entirety of the files in your cell phones can be viewed from Bluetooth File sender interface. You can even use this program to view your mobile phone text messages and calls and their present status.

Users can use this app to copy files move files from media card to the hard disk and vies visa.

So moving files from one disk to another within your mobile will never be an issue anymore.

I use it to move my music, photos, and videos to any folder i want to.

You can as well use some of the tools place or built in this program to optimize data within your hard disk.

Users can as well use this tools to do rename their file, delete unwanted files.

Download Bluetooth File sender

To get this program running on your device, you must firstly download and install the program to your device.

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I will personally recommend this app for those that will want to transfer digital file to people around you. It is calm and easy to use. It is from the stable of one of the most powerful app production giant.

To download, click here.

Hope the program was helpful?