Apple out to Aquire Tidal | Apple music-Streaming service to Get better with Tidal

Apple out to Aquire Tidal | Apple music-Streaming service to Get better with Tidal

Apple is gradually making plans of acquiring Jay-zs music-streaming outfit Tidal. This acquisition, when concluded, will give Apple Music-streaming service a great competitive edge in the music streaming service.

Tidal before now is been run by the famous Rap icon Jay-z and music stars like Madonna, Kanye west, Beyonce and Rihana having a various stake in Tidal.

Presently, Tidal have over three million active subscribers to it service with singers like Rihanna and Prince already doing exclusive for Tidal before now.

So if this deal should go through, Apple Music will benefit enormously from it as artists like Jazy, Rihana, Kanye West and more will not hesitate to offer exclusives to Apple Music through Tidal.

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Apple Music still trails Spotify in the online Music streaming service.

Apple music-Streaming service to Getting better with Tidal

Apple currently has 13 million users that are subscribed to the service compared to over 30 million subscribers that Spotify presently control.

Spotify labeled Apple poor competitor after apple failed to approve Spotify  in apple’s app store.

To talk about Apple Music team and Tidal team is on with the hope that the deal will go through.

Apple id is really looking forward to seeing this deal go through as the deals will Hand Apple the opportunity to get exclusives from these star owners of Tidal.

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The only limitation to this deal is the sole reason that Tidal pays double as royalty to its music exclusives compares to another brand in the music streaming service.

Apple has made some great buy of tech startups even as Apple Snap Up Perceptio. This is aimed to give this internet and tech giant a great edge in competing in the industry.

Keep in touch with us to ascertain when the deal goes through and the terms of the deal.