All Inboxes: A New Gmail’s Update That Allows You Put All Your Mails In One Inbox.

All Inboxes: A New Gmail’s Update That Allows You Put All Your Mails In One Inbox: Mailing experience has gone even better with the introduction of “All Inboxes” by Gmail. With your Android, you can now put all your emails in one inbox against logging in multiple email to access the various inbox.

With a single Android app, this whole story is fixed for mostly those with multiple email addresses.

The latest version of Google’s Android version of the app came with this new “all inboxes” that let you view your improved the way email threads are arranged for those webmail services outside Google mail.

With this improved update, users can now integrate into their Gmail email inbox other webmail services — yahoo mail, rediffmail, gmx, hotmail and the rest. This update is a great leap to how the app handle emails from this theses range of email services from the different accounts

So What does this All Inboxes mean?

This update is and means a solution to mostly those with lot of account within and outside Gmail. They can now manage all their emails within All Inboxes app.

Yes! Those with multiple accounts, including from email providers other than Google (Other webmail services), can now connect, view, reply and serve all their mails in a singular mail box called All Inboxes.

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We could remember the previous update that allows you view other emails by manual switch. The story has change this time around. All your mails now come from your various webmail services like it is the original inbox for those mails.