Allcast: How To Cast Movies In Your Mobile On Your Home TV Screen

Allcast: How To Cast Movies In Your Mobile On Your Home TV Screen: –Sometimes watching movies just from mobile screen could be tiring. In most cases we wish we could display these contents on your Home TV where we can get a fuller and detailed view of theses media work.

Viewing your locally saved movies in your mobiles on your TV screen is very much possible with the aid of AllCast- your best casting app.

With AllCast, you can successfully stream your saved contents in your mobile and watch them on your TV.

The good part about of AllCast is that it works well with Apple TV, Roku, most game console and the casting giant Chromecast.

Just for $4.99 users can stream and watch their downloaded media content (movies, music, and photos) on TV screens.

Though the free version is available for use(comes with 5 minutes viewing limit),  but if you intend to get maximum service, you will need to go premium.

More About AllCast.

With AllCast, you can cast to more casting platforms— Xbox, Xbox one, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, WDTV, Samsung Smart TV and more.

The app will permit you to get and search for Google account, you can keep Android on while streaming using wake lock, and you can change Wi-Fi state by searching for devices on the local network and more.

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This app remains the foremost and one of the best casting platform for those your media content− Video, Music or Photos.

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