Auto Complete Bug: Gmail Finally Fix Auto Complete Bug

Auto Complete Bug: Gmail Finally Fix Auto Complete Bug — Earlier this year, Gmail users cried loud about a notorious bug that has a way of prioritizing wrong email accounts.

The need to fix this bug became pertinent as multiple reports from users indicated that they have in one way or the other sent a mail to wrong address using Gmail autocomplete feature.

How To Notice Gmail Auto Complete Bug

This trend has been on for a while now. Users complained that they could start typing the address of someone with whom you’ve previously sent hundreds of emails to, only for Gmail auto complete to offer them wrong email address of a person they have emailed to say once or twice.

In response to this, Gmail tendered their unreserved apology with the statement “We’re aware of an issue with Gmail and auto-complete and are currently investigating. Apologies for any inconvenience”.

We today glad to announce to you that Gmail has put to rest the issue of Auto Complete Bug that has lingered for some time now.

Gmail email account is now bigger and better mostly with their latest updates that now allow user with Gmail Android app to puts all their email in one place.

Hope it help?