Gmail Peeper – Download Gmail Peeper for Your Desktop

Gmail Peeper – Download Gmail Peeper for Your Desktop

Gmail Peeper is the brainchild of Google aim at making Gmail Services on PC awesome. This app was specifically built for the desktop users to ensure prompt notification each time they receive a mail in their Gmail inbox.

Gmail Peeper looks simple but powerful as it helps users and emails client to keep tab of an incoming mail. Most times, those that their daily routines are based on the desktop or laptop PC loose out of some urgent email due to a poor notification. In most cases, we will have to log in to the web version before we will get to know about a sent may. This will all be history with the coming of Peeper.

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How Gmail Peeper Download works

All you have to do is to download the app for on your PC and install. When you are through with the installation process, key-in your Gmail username and password.  Once those details are entered correctly, this app will then do the remaining tasks.

Users can choose to load and start the app each time you start your PC. You can as well check the updates option. Minute between mail check is still another option opened to choose when to.

The app comes with RSS feed that helps pull one out of every email list in your Gmail inbox. The name of the sender with still be inclusive in the feed

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Don’t bother yourself about the clumsy nature of sure app on your working PC as Gmail keeper portable hides in a place that it will not disrupt your peace. That is; Far in the bottom of your PC. All it does is that each time the app is not in use, it notify yours via a small pop-up.

Most people will ask about how they can view the email each time there is a pop-up. This app is built to give you an excerpt for of the mail. You will need to log on to the web version to check the completed mail.


This app is up for free download. To download Gmail Peeper, click here.