Whatsapp Messanger Allow You Draw on Photos same way as Snapchat

Whatsapp Messanger Allow You Draw on Photos same way as Snapchat

Whatsapp Messanger has announced they are rolling out a new feature that will users draw on photos same way we do with Snapchat. This will definitely change the way we share images on this social media network.  Yes! You can now spruce up photos same way we do on Snapchat.

How Whatsapp Messanger Allow You Draw on Photos

To get this done, take a simple tap on the button of the latest version of WhatsApp, this new version of WhatsApp messenger will permit finger-made drawing which includes emojis that are superimposed on photos. These pictures might be those that were taken from your phone camera or from other pictures folders.

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Selfie senders are not left out  of this picture as front-facing flash features is added to the new version of WhatsApp to brighten the images in the situation of poor lighten.

This new version of Whatsapp Messenger comes with zoom and the option of switch between the front and back camera. It also allows recording video using the app.

This new WhatsApp move will see lots of users of snapchat users feel at home with Whatsapp Messenger.

So drawing a smiley on your latest picture will no more be a big deal or an act reserved for the snapchat users only.

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This new improvement from WhatsApp is made available for all OS and mobile phone users. Though that of Android was delayed a bit, but no was left out of this great addition.

As at the time of coming up with this article, user of iOS were meant to wait for a little for some time. Definitely, all Smartphone will be updated and upgraded to this new dawn from WhatsApp.

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