Google Apps: Get Google Play app for work, Google apps for Education Here

Google Apps: Get Google Play App For Work, Google Apps For Education Here

Google App suite is one of the productive suite and collaborative software on paid version from stable of Internet giant Google.

This product from Google is presently being used by 5 million organizations across the globe and most of them on Fortune 500 company list of today.

These apps come in two versions which are:

  • Google Apps for work and
  • Google Apps for education.

To get the full experience of these products, click this link.

These ranges of products are designed to suit your educational and work needs.

Products On Google App

The apps were carefully selected to suit your education and work need. In this suite, users will be presented with Google’s top apps and web application like Google Drive, Google Hangout, Google Docs, Google Calendar and the popular Gmail all in one.

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These above-listed web apps are given to users on a freemium base.

Those opting for Google app for work are meant to pay some cash to book the services they are opened to.

Google Apps For Work Services

Rather than just been served with Google free services online, Google App for work users gets 30 GB of storage of digital files and email, there always a 24/7 email and Phone support for users, users are offered a cloud computing  solution, a custom email addresses that ends with users domain (

Others are different approach from off-the-shelf office productive programs by having customers data hosted in Google network information centers instead of the common in-house servers within the organization.

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The products are available on Google app store as Google Mobile apps

Google app for education are mainly opened to individual or school. Some of them are Google app free that does not require payment but Registration.

Google Apps Login

To get connected to this service, you will need to sign up for the service and then Google app login.

Click here to Sign up with the service, click here to sign up and sign in Google app

For schools and organizations, it is advised to have a Google apps administrator to control the events.

Google apps Sync is one of the features I so much like because after your login Google apps store, you can sync your work across the various Google products available.