Google Translator Boomerang: Download and Start Translating

Google Translator Boomerang: Download and Start Translating:-

Google Translator Boomerang comes handy whenever you run into a situation where translation is the only way out.

Lots of sites contents are written to certain languages to suit a certain targeted audience. When you run into such situation and find out that you readily need the information writing in it, the only way out is Google Translator Boomerang.

It uses Google translation engine to render its service to it, users.

Features of Google Translator Boomerang

This program is worth it mostly when you want to translate English words or write-ups into any other language of choice or vice-versa.

But the main target of the builders of the program is using Google translation to translate content from English to your local language. So how does it work? You will not need to open up a Google Translate account or use Google translator online.

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Even though it is a Google translation, but this app is an improvement from the translate Google does.

Google translate English to Spanish, but that is online, but Google Translator Boomerang does not require all that.

So what the users does is to key in the word in the space provided and you will obtain the needed result.

Language   Supports

Google Translator Boomerang has support for major world’s languages. We stated it before that this program is dependent on Google translation engine, so it covers most of the languages you will ever think of like German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italia and more.

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Time Saving

Using Google Translator Boomerang saves users lots of time they could have lost opening browsers to browse the online Google translate.

Users can carry out a preview of the translated work to see if it matches what is needed.


This program works well with your windows OS ranging from windows 7, 8.1, windows 10.


This program is just 1 MB, it avoids bugs in translation and the program is easy to use.