How to Free Up Storage Space In Google – Gmail Space

How to Free Up Storage Space In Google

Gmail Login or Gmail Account is Google’s approach to the free webmail service. Any Gmail account setup on the service gets an instant 15GB of free storage space to house digital files like doc, music, attachment, and more.

On reaching the max of this allowed storage space on Gmail account, owner of the account may not be able to receive further emails in the inbox or in any other labels. This may spell doom to some of us. No more email comes to the Google inbox. The user will no longer be able to store further digital files in his Google account or Google drive account.

I quit understand that most of us run into such situation mostly those that love entertainment and uses their Google account for file storage.

If you have enough cash on you, you can purchase additional storage space from Google. But if not, my candid advice is that you free up storage space from your 15GB free space.

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This article is a walkthrough on the ins and outs on How to Free Up Storage Space In Google.

How to Manage Storage Space On Your Google Service – Free Up Storage Space In Google

To get started, it will of great gain for me to show you a breakdown of how your storage space is being used in you Gmail. This service gives you two ways to do this: first one being the Storage website, in this space, users can see an overview of their account in both percentage and chart form at the same time, and the second is tagged Manage option which is located at the bottom of your Gmail page for your view. Simply hover over the Manage button located next to the text reading, “X GB (Y%) of Z GB used.”

How To Delete Bulky Emails to Free Up Storage Space In Google

To users, if it is possible to identify files using most of your space, I will advise you head to Google Drive, and click the All items options in the sidebar. Then, click Sort > Quota used.

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With this, your files will be reorganized by Google Drive placing the heaviest ones on top of the list. With this option, users or account holders can easily delete unwanted files from the list

You Can Empty Your Spam and Trash Folder

Spam folders most time could house excess junk emails for weeks of months occupying more of your storage space if not trashed. The best option is to cultivate the habit of trashing your Spam folder

Though Google has its own way of deleting these files monthly, but you must not wait for Google to do for you when you run out of Storage Space In Google.

Hope this was helpful?