How to Leave a Facebook Group: The simple way out

How to Leave a Facebook Group: The simple way out

One of the worst moments on Facebook is when you find yourself in a Facebook group you never opt for. This could be annoying as you will keep getting uninteresting notifications. This was the situation I found myself some time ago until I went on to know how to leave a Facebook group.

So many people out there find fun in adding friends to groups they never want. Some of them use this medium to sell brands like Herbal products, promote a market brand or introduce a trend on Facebook. Most of the times, you might not be interested in these groups.

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This article will teach you how to overcome this back log of the issue.

How to Leave a Facebook Group

  • To leave unwanted Facebook Group, simply head to the group using your Facebook Account. This method is same for all devices.
  • Click on the group, click on the button that reads Join group. This will display a dropdown that will show you the option to Leave Group. Select Leave group to leave the group forever.
  • Before it is done, you will be asked to confirm that you want to leave the group. Head on to click Leave Group again.
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When you look closely at the latter part of the displayed screen, you will the option that prevents you from being added to the group in the nearest future. Check the box to prevent any body from adding you to this group at any time in the future.

This process is same not minding the device you are using. Leave a comment if you having any issue with jettisoning an unwanted Facebook group that does not contribute any meaningful thing to your life.

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Hope this was helpful?