Media Player – List of Best Media Players for your Android and iOS Device

List of Best Media Players for your Android and iOS Device Lots and lots of videos and photos are watched on a daily bases, videos ranging from; musical videos, documentaries, movies of all types and more.

The latest statistics showed that most videos are and photos are viewed using mobile devices than any other due to portability and destination reasons. People now carry media files (mp3, videos, photos and more) to help fix bore moments and keep body and soul together.

Because of this, media is consumed on mobile platforms than any other devices and the figures continue to rise. While watching on the mobile platform, so many prefer the default media app for iOS and Android while others go for third-party apps because of the added features that make them stand out in media processing.

This article will help expose you to a list of best media players that will suit and improve your user experience. These best media players cover for your videos, photos, mp3 and more.

Top and best media players for your Device

VLC (iOS and Android)

VideoLAN made its foremost appearance with its innovative media player called VLC. The name VLC is as popular as your name both on your android and iOS device. VLC offers you subtitle features and plays almost all every media file sent to it. With VLC, you can access every styled subtitle correctly. It comes with a great interface, wonderful reliability, wider support and more.

Infuse 3 (iOS)

Infuse 3 media player is a player of class though only operational on the iOS. This great media player comes with a great interface look and plays almost all files just like VLC. Infuse 3 has the ability to pull metadata straight from the internet for movies in the app. A great media player on the iOS platform.

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Diceplayer (Android)

When we talk about pop outplay, Diceplayer stands out even if it’s popular and functional on the android world, it remains a great media player having the ability to execute almost all media file format. It comes with the ability for multiple audio and video subtitle track and hardware, accelerated playback features and buttery free.

MX Player (Android)

I love this one mostly for its Hindi interface just as it was recently be optimized for Android TV. MX Player has Android setup box, themes, auto subtitle download, fast out interface app, works smoothly and buttery free. With MX Player, you can play all variety and format of files, pinching( to zoom in and out) and panning to scrub. What I love most about this app is the ability to zoom subtitle while media files plays.

Canopener (iOS)

When you need a media player for high-resolution FLAC playback, Canopener comes handy. It got a built-in audio profiles for various headphones around; Beyerdynamic, Grado, Sennheiser and more. Though functional on iOS only, Canopener has the audio output tweaked to match your various headphones, great for audiophiles.

Shuttle+ (Android)

Shuttle+ is one of the best 10 apps for android today. This app is renowned in playing your music files the way no other app will do, I am sure you will like this. It comes with a great design and intuitive look to suit your music playing time.

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BlackPlayer EX (Android)

When you are looking for a customizable Android music player, BlackPlayer EX comes to mind. With a customizable blue and black album and can allow you set your background customization, this player will definitely match your taste of music app on your android device. BackPlayer EX allows you put your unique media player.

Focus (Android)

Brilliant app for your interesting photo viewing and allows you do detail tagging and pass code lock. It allows you arrange your photos uniquely on your device.

Google Photo (iOS and Android)

With combination of Google great design and machine learning, Google photo will surely surpass your imagination. With Google photo, you can view and manage your photos in grand style; it allows users to search through images even those that were not tagged.

Whenever you use the search to search for food, images about food, even those that were not tagged will show up. It has the tendency to recognize destination and location mostly when tagged.

It’s Player Pro (iOS)

This app brings out it’s proness with its support for multiple file formats and subtitles. The app allows users to view files in, Facebook with downloading support.

With this singular app, you can download files from dropbox, YouTube, and even from your network hardrive; Sandisk connect, Seagate Satalite are also supported by this app. Some features shifted this player above other app which is the ability to adjust screen brightness of the video as well as changing the contrast and saturation.

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