How To Setup Whatsapp Messenger On Your Tablet have proven to be the social media to beat, thanks to its recent announcement that Whatsapp  users has reach 900 million actives users worldwide with over 70 billion messages sent in just one day. With Whatsapp   web or Whatsapp  mobile app, you can send short messages, videos and voice messages,  and you favorite photo message of files  to your friends and loved ones all over the globe for free anytime any day.

All that required from the user is to subscription for a data plan or better connect to WIFi connection. So many people now the new whatsapp free voice messaging to connect with other friends that are connected as well.

The purchase of whatsapp by Facebook for $19 billion helped in turning around the fortune of this great App mostly in the area of free voice messaging similar to the one being offered by viber, wechat or Skype. Whatsapp web is another milestone recorded by whatsapp since the purchase.

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If you are truly a fan of whatsapp, you will notice that the new whatsapp web is a blessing to chatting as it allows you to chat using your web browser and integration of whatsapp from mobile to desktop. To learn how to connect your whatsapp to web browser, click here.

How to install whatsapp on your Tablet For you to enjoy the services of whatsapp on your tablet, this guide will be a better way to getting things done faster.

Firstly, with you tablet connected to the internet, download whatsapp app apk file from, you will need to change your security settings to enable easy installation of the files, go to your settings -> Security Setting -> Application -> Enable files from unknown source.

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With that done, you will need to install a text messaging app like Textplus for sending and receiving messages on your tablet device -> Then you can now complete the installation process for the whatsapp apk that you have downloaded earlier before now -> Enter your mobile number, and when you are done with the installation and verification, I can now say congratulations, your are now using the Whatsapp on your tablet device.

Using whatsapp on your tablet enables you to share those files (videos, photos and even mp3s on your tablet with friends and loved ones.

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