Netflix Moved Up To A New Hight In Its Global Reach

Netflix Moved Up To A New Hight In Its Global Reach

Netflix got an upsurge in its stock by 8 percent for the fourth quarter report in after-hour saving. The company’s revenue reached $1.82 billion this time compared to $1.48 billion recorded the previous year of the same quarter report. With this, earning for each share went up by 10 cents.

Before now analysts had earlier predicted $1.83 and EPS of 2 cents for the movie streaming giant even though it slightly misses that mark.

To give users and investors a glimpse of what this company’s future as Netflix internet TV streaming services announced it had added up 5.6 million new users in just this fourth quarter.

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This soaring number of subscribers is causing investors to go all out to investing in this company. To show for this, there is a great interest from investors even though Netflix recorded a slide down in its third quarter report.

With over1.56 million new subscribers to its TV series in the U.S alone, which is below 1.65 million projected by the company, Netflix is still moving shoulder high after it recorded 4.04 million global new subscribers against 3.5 million company’s projection. With this, the company recorded total new subscribers of 5.6 million. This time around, Netflix now has a total subscriber base of 70 million global subscriber bases. That is absolutely great.

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Recently, Netflix announced that it is spreading its tentacle to 130 countries across the world outside China. This is the reason for the projected 6 million new users in the fourth quarter.

In the year 2015, this TV streaming site owned and released its own original content of 450 hours, a figure the company want to increase to 600 hours in the year 2016 to compliment its global new subscriber base.

Other Online TV streaming networks (Hulu plus, Amazon prime, HBO Now, CinemaNow and more) are beginning to exercise some level of fear as a result of the new investment frontier and increase subscription to Netflix services.

Recently, Netflix announced Youtube Star Miranda sings to handle scripted series.