You want to convert your huge document, power point presentations, or excel spreadsheet on your hard drive into PDF?

At once without investing on commercial software try Google doc.

Now am going to show you some few steps you need to follow while converting office document into PDF using Google docs, the new export feature in 3 steps Google docs makes it easier for you to batch and convert Microsoft and open office file formats into PDF or [HTML]

PDF CONVERTER: Batch conversion to PDF using Google Docs

  1. Create a new “input” folder on Google Docs where you will upload all your document and presentation that are to convert to PDF.
  2. Select the upload option in Google Docs, set the destination folder to the one that you created in step 1 and upload all of it.
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Google Docs officially support the following file format and you can still upload the image.

  • Microsoft excels (csv, xls, xlsxx) file and open document spreadsheet.
  • Microsoft word (doc, doc) open document (odt) and start office (sxw).
  • Microsoft power point (.ppt, .pps).

You can also use your email option to upload the document into Google Docs.

But that would put the entire file in the main folder. And also, on that managing document can become an issue especially when you have too many files.

  1. If all files are uploaded into Google Doc, open the dashboard again and select the “input” folder from the sidebar.
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Select all the file that is in this folder and then you can choose “Export.

You don’t have to wait for the Browser while converting a huge or large batch of document into PDF because Google will automatically or send you an email once the processing is over.

Where you can download all the PDF files in large zip directly.