Smart Reply: The New Google Email Feature That Write Replies For You

Smart Reply: the New Google email feature that write replies for you: Smart Reply Not too long ago, Gmail lunch it famous Google inbox. This was a plus to the Gmail email app team. The Gmail inbox app was a massive upgrade to the mail company.

Google team did not stop there, but they went ahead to produce the smart app that serve as your assistant in mail reply and mail management.

Smart Reply when finally rolled out will function with artificial intelligent in helping users to write and reply mails messages at users setup.

Which OS Is Now Using Smart Reply

This great feature is now available on iOS and Android OS. If you are using any of the above OS, you can start using Smart Reply in your inbox app.

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Just like the normal predictive text in our keyboard apps, that is how the new Smart Reply works only that it uses those most used phrases.

This feature helps in saving you much of times mostly in taking care of those quick response mails.

As it stands, this new tech will show up to three short sentences based on the message. Not just that, it will show how people have responded to similar emails in the past.

What I love most about this  Smart Reply is that those mails that require a bit more thought,  Smart Reply will gives you a jump start so you can respond right away,”

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Behind the scenes, the feature took quite a bit of engineering to get it working, according to Miklós, . It uses machine learning techniques to surface relevant responses in realtime. As with other tools that use natural language technology, Smart Replies should improve over time as people use the feature more.

The initial startup to this feature was not smooth, but today it has been brought to fruition the long awaited inbox Smart Reply.

This feature will go a long way in assisting those that has a long and lots of business emails to reply. This is a clear evidence of Google’s presence in the area of developing artificial intelligence in its technological development.