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Solarmovie: Looking for a free movie downloading site, comes to mind. Just like your Toxicwap and, solarmovie is here to serve you real well.

Stream movies free online, download and watch movies at later date, watch your favorite TV shows at

the great edge that solar movies presents to its users is unlimited download and regular update of the movie library. So you will be opportune to watch on a regular bases latest movies and shows for free.

This portal presents you with movie genres like Adventure, comedy, Sci-fi, Action, drama and more. | Tips and tricks of Solarmovie

Just as stated earlier on, solarmovie gives you unlimited access to watching movies for free. so when it comes to watching and downloading free movies, solar does it better.

Each time you login to the site, you will be presented with the dashboard that brings in the categories of movies on the site. They are as follow:

  • Home
  • Genre
  • Country
  • TV Series
  • Top IMDB
  • Request

So with these categories, users of the site can easily locate the movies they want to download using the listings and the categories.

Genre: Genre helps simplify your search for that your movie. With this, you can select your choice of movies from the list of genres. This includes Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Mystery, Family and more. so to watch and download from any of the categories, click on your choice of categories and watch your choice of movies display on the web screen.

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Country: stepped up its search and location of movies by introducing country. With this county, users can now choose what Nations movies they want to watch. If you are a fan of US, India or Japanese movies, just click on the country to see them displayed on the screen.

The countries of options here are; Taiwan, United state, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Euro, India, Thailand, Korea movies and that of United Kingdom.

TV-Series: Your Best of TV series are presented here. so with TV-series list, you can search and watch your best and latest TV series with ease. You can’t run out of choice on the list of movie series present here.

Top IMDB: Just like other, a simple click on this button will present you with the list of all IMDB movies why you are using

Request: Request is common with paid movie sites but solar movie presents it to you for free. How does it work? brings you an option of movies request, with this tool, users can watch movies by requesting for them. The only issue here is that solarmovies will demand you to register or login if you are having an account with them.

so if you don’t have an account yet? The following lines will give you a walkthrough on how to go about it.

Solarmovie.Sc | Watch Free Movies Online On This Portal

Most of us are now moving over to watching movies online to avoid issues with data space of device and that is what Solarmovie.SC stands for.


so you can visit this portal to watch free movies online.

Download Free Movies From Solarmovie.Com

IF you are not a fan of watching movies online, you can choose to download them to your device and watch them later on.

so whether you choose to stream movies online or have them downloaded to your device, will serve you better.

Solarmovie Sign Up | Learn How To Register A Solarmovies Account From Free.

To get the maximum benefit of this movie portal is will be wise to Sign up solarmovie account. The lines below will complete the process for you. To get this down,

  1. Launch your browser (Opera, UCWEB, Chrome or more) an on the URL place key in
  2. Look out for the Join button and click on it.
  3. Enter the information as may be required from the site; your name, email and password.
  4. When you have completed the sign-up task, hit the sign up button to complete the entire process.

So with this account setup on solar, you can now watch free movies online, download free movies and add lots of movies to your movie list.

Remember this portal is always updating its movies library so there is no need to fear to be out of date.